From the recording Seasonings


+Why take showers
When We’ve got pool
Tequila & limes
All the necessary tools
+Beer crackin’ fools
love the summertime heat….
sizzle in the sun
like barbecue meet
+Take a splash - go swimming
hop out - still drippin'
Stroll to the creek for some dockside fishin'
+Bait Up/ Cast Out/ Hope they’re nippin'
Cast out/ Reel in/ Set free/ and cast out again
—Let em go
—into the stream
—they sail away

+squeeze the juice from the lemon
add the water- start sippin'
Just making the most
Yeah - Just livin’
+Corn roasting beer toastin'
Melon chillin Dog grillin'
Bake the pie Cherry fillin'
Stuff your face If you’re willin’
+Fresh cut grass & an icy cold glass
Jump the old fence & take the old path
+to the fields where we dance on a
Summertime eve
put your lips to the dandelion
all you gotta do is breath
—Let em go
—into the wind
—they blow away

+Smells like the ocean
and suntan lotion
cerveza and brats
on barbecue tops
+And when the sun go down
the pool clears out
for marshmellow grahams
more beer and bon-fires
+Fireflies, fire-stars
that we collect in jars
talk about whether
there’s life out on mars
+As for cars - don’t drive em
Where’s my keys?
Had to hide em
Put a match to the bottle rocket
All you gotta do is light em
—Let em go
—They explode
—and blow away

And restless dogs go dancing
with tails a'waggin
through fields agrowin'
and nose agrabbin'
at smells adriftin'
on winds ablowin'
and we’re by the fire
just marshmellow-oh-N