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Cleveland alternative folk duo the Baker’s Basement (tBB) features the eclectic musical stylings of drummer Kate Dedinsky and guitarist Adam Grindler.  At their rhythmic core pulses an orange striped, homemade, bucket-drum concoction, the funky back beat on which Dedinsky performs standing up with both swagger and sway.  With a sound rooted in a whimsical brand of Americana and flavored with playful vocal layers often volleyed to-and-fro across the stage, tBB offers an oddly humorous yet heart-aching sonic signature that’s altogether their own.

A hidden gem of the midwest, tBB’s affectionate spoken word delivery skips atop their unusual percussive foundation of odds & ends, a drum setup that the group calls the “Tempeh Kit”—when matched with Grindler’s acoustic & electric guitar methods, both finger picked and strummed, their playful & oscillating sound is solidified. Between songs, the duo endears themselves to its audience through storytelling and fond recollections of their many creative experiments.  All and all, a performance by this pair is an invitation into a peculiar world of creative intimacy cultivated over years of playing both stages and street corners.

Always active live and in studio, tBB released in early 2023 their most recent single “Something’s Brewing,” a glimpse into their 5th record “Down Down Domino.”  Set to release in late 2024, the LP will follow a series of single releases, the first of which, an ultra specific song of affection titled “Love I Can Love,” will release on January 5th.

tBB performs the midwest and beyond, and has shared bills with artists such as Melvin Seals (of the Jerry Garcia Band) and Keller Williams through multiple festival appearances at Nelson Ledges.  tBB has also appeared at Cleveland’s Brite Winter Festival & Ingenuity Fest in addition to residencies at Cedar Point.  Recently the music video for their song “Wild Wild Sheep”, which the band scripted and directed, was nominated at the 2023 Cordillera Film Festival in Reno, Nevada.

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