A Tale of Two Snails

The Baker’s Basement is a two piece, multi-instrumental band from Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in music rooted in space, dynamics, humor, and the unpredictable nature of life as a human.  Members Kate Dedinsky and Adam Grindler are obsessive songwriters, composing more with a specific emotion, story, or image in mind rather than a particular genre.  Having created music that utilizes banjo, electric guitar, drums, tempeh pocket kit, paint buckets, shot glasses, vocals, train whistle, synth, keyboard, guillele, acoustic guitar, harmonica, loops, drum pad, and sound effects, instrumentation and style are simply vessels used to portray the appropriate mood and texture called for by the composition at hand.  And given their obsession with writing and the creative process, new songs are constantly being composed and delivered hot and gooey straight from the oven.

The duo first met in January of 2011 among the smells of evergreen and paper factory in Chillicothe, Ohio where they attended the Recording Workshop and learned about in-studio engineering.  Their shared passion for songwriting and other artistic pursuits led Adam to relocate from his home in Northern Virginia to Cleveland where the two began writing songs under the name ‘the Baker’s Basement’ in July of 2012.  Since then the duo have explored heavily the challenges and possibilities of writing and performing as a two-piece band.  After two years of developing their chemistry through writing, recording, and performing at Cleveland venues including Mahall’s, Beachland Tavern, the Grog Shop, Happy Dog, Negative Space, Brothers Lounge, and the Root as well as less traditional venues, the duo released their debut album entitled “Island” in March of 2014.  Like much of their work, these songs reflect the Baker’s Basement’s everyday encounters with fragmented conversation, spontaneous laughter, awkwardness, hopeful discouragement, Metropark imagery, eavesdropping, baked goods, dogs, daydreaming, and an overall desire to extract the most human part of themselves and others and put it into their music.  Songwriting is an obsession and a perpetual process, hence their tagline “Freshly Baked Music.”  The duo is thrilled to introduce three new albums in the Fall of  2017:  “Seasonings” - a largely acoustic album; “Buck” - a music adventure; “Exploring a Glimpse” - the soundtrack for a full length musical journey film they are currently completing.

As with their songwriting, the duo’s performances come in a variety of flavors that compliment the atmosphere of where they appear: music venue, wine bar, art gallery, coffee shop, house party, DIY venue, outdoor festival, street corner, wedding.  Every atmosphere lends itself to a unique approach, with Kate working percussion on lap cajon, 5 gallon paint bucket, Tempeh pocket kit, or full drums while Adam experiments with a variety of stringed instruments and random gadgets. The duo composes  both lyrical and instrumental music, and both members do the singing, often bouncing phrases back and forth. As the Baker’s Basement continue to chisel their performance ability and hone their creative instincts, they look forward to sharing their art with more folks from Cleveland and beyond.  The Baker's Basement - a tiny band from Cleveland - a tale of two snails - patient, slow, and steady.