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Check out our song and video "At Least 100 Things To Do Inside a Quarantine."  We put this together back when the virus started turning the world upside down.

Believe it or not, tBB was on tour in spring of 2020.  Yup - we ventured from one location of our house to another over the course of a few weeks.  Above is video from the 3rd stop of our Quarantine Tour where we performed from inside of our "Quaran-Tent."

"Good Word" - the song and film we created to help welcome in 2021.  Here's to a better year ya'll.  Be good to each other out there.  'Please tell me you bring a Good Word.'

“Mapping a Moment - An American Road Trip Following a Monday in May”:  a reflection on over 1,600 public demonstrations that happened in  over 1,300 American cities in the weeks following the murder of George Floyd.  The project involves 3 distinct parts that can be viewed by clicking on this page link: MAPPING a MOMENT.  We love you all.  Please be decent to each other out there.  <3 tBB