Dear Friends,

Please check out our new video & song below entitled "At Least 100 Things to Do Inside a Quarantine."  Also!  We're on a spring tour!  Believe it or not, we'll be making stops each week through mid May, broadcasting performances from different locations around our home via Facebook Live.  Each performance will feature a unique atmosphere and musical feeling. Check out the poster below for dates and times, and don't worry if you can't make it.  We'll be rebroadcasting every episode.  Stay healthy and be good to each other.  <3 tBB

Above is  video of the 3rd stop of our Quarantine Tour where we performed from inside of our "Quaran-Tent."

Above is a commercial for our show on Facebook Live this Thursday.  Grab a s'more and come on out.  8:15PM eastern time!

Friends of the Baker's Basement

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