1. 2 Snails

From the recording Seasonings

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2 Snails

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There were two snails
That pushed along
They feel their days by making songs
Soft moist body
Shells so strong
To know that you were here then gone
There were 2 snails not far behind
There were 2 snails taking their time
Go back home
It's on their backs
It's mighty mobile and great for naps

There were 2 snails

There were 2 snails pushing along
5 inches per hour every day they found
Their way to
A mossy patch and a blue suede shoes
There were 2 snails a'search for food
Dandelion greens and a tasty brew
But hold the sold
It ain't their fault
Just doin' what they have to do

There were 2 snails

They Climb
They Slime
In Time
In Time
The Speed
The View

There were 2 Snails

There were 2 snails
That found their home
On their backs and on the go
Slow as it might seem sometimes
They were meant to

There were 2 snails
They sing their songs