the Baker's Basement Variety Show

the Baker’s Basement Variety Show presents a live tapestry of musical flavors that Kate and Adam create collaboratively as the Baker’s Basement and independently under the names of their respective solo endeavors: “Honey Tree Beats” (Kate) & “Fiddlin’ Cricket” (Adam).  At the Variety Show - anything goes! The mood and pace changes swiftly as does the instrumentation and dynamic.  Electronic elements collide with earthy acoustic tones.  2 Voices overlap and take turns dancing atop an array of sounds: Full Drums, Mercurial Electric Guitar, Percussive Paint Bucket, Beats, Waltzing Shot Glasses, Live Looping, Synth Edges, Acoustic Guitar, Whistling, Humming, and Snapping, Chanting, Rhyming, and Story Telling.  If you want to see tBB in its fullest form, come to a Variety Show.  Check the Show Page for upcoming events listed as 'tBB Variety Show."