Exploring a Glimpse - A Music & Film Project.

2015 has been a wildly creative ride so far, much due to the emergence of our most recent and beautifully daunting project entitled ‘Exploring a Glimpse.’  This will not only result in a film, expected to enter the world this Autumn, but also our next full length album.  Now what is this project, “Exploring a Glimpse.”  — the quick answer is to ask you to click here and check out our Introduction to Glimpse Video.  Or to head to the project websites listed at the bottom of this article.  We’ll tell you this much here and now…

This project is an amazing exploration of the personal experiences of people whose paths have crossed our own at some point during the years we’ve had on this earth.  People from all stretches of our lives have been gracious enough to sit down with us, or hang on the phone with us and simply converse about who they are, what they’ve been up to, and how they’ve found themselves at this very moment in time.  And with our growing age, so has grown the number of people we’ve known and the variety of places where they’ve found themselves living. Here’s a few of them: Ames, Iowa; Richmond, Kentucky; St.Louis, Missouri; Bozeman, Montana.  And through this great exchange of story and personal narrative, this word “Home” has found its way to the surface.  Drawing from the inspiration of these conversations, and the spirit of these people and the places where they once lived, now live, or hope to live, we have written music.  Now our next step is to collect footage to help paint the fuller picture.  So we’re  The goal:  to construct a film that we envision as part documentary, part collage of image, soundscape, voice clips, music, and human experience.  

Stay tuned this June! We’ll be posting pictures and tid-bits from the journey.

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